Technology-driven IT Consulting for Industry

Technical Depth

The depth of our expertise is the cornerstone of our business, from High-Level Architecture down to Low-Level Software and Hardware. We truly are the full-stack experts.

Business Focus

In order to best serve our customer base, we take a pro-active approach to developing cost-effective solutions based on our long-term experience of our customers business environments.

Fresh Ideas

Technical progress and changing environments make new, cost-efficient approaches possible that were unthinkable only a couple of years ago. We always try to think out of the box to better leverage those changes for our customers.

Recent Projects

To the right you can find a small selection of our recent projects.

  • Functional Mock-Up Interface

    Strategy development for the implementation of FMI at the tool, method and process-level for a leading automotive OEM.

  • Kinematics Simulation Integration

    Workflow definition and integration of kinematics simulation into a Digital Factory system for a leading white goods manufacturer.

  • Code-Generator Validation Suites

    Conception, design and technical leadership for the implementation of validation suites for automotive code-generators for a leading automotive OEM.

  • MISRA-AC-AGC Working Group

    Convenor of MISRA-AC-AGC standard working group, Technical Editor of MISRA-AC-AGC standard (Automotive OEMs).

  • Reference Interpreters

    Conception and implementation of reference interpreters for automotive code-generation models (Automotive OEM).

  • Performance Analysis and Tuning

    Analysis and tuning of performance characteristics of a complex simulation and Digital Factory system for the chassis assembly of a leading automotive OEM.

  • Research Project AutoMoDe

    Participation as OEM representative in a federally-funded research project on automotive modeling languages.

  • Logistics Simulation Framework

    Development of a complete inter- and intra-plant logistics simulation framework with integration into SAP for a leading white goods manufacturer.

  • Model Transformation Framework

    Model transformation and rule checking framework for automotive modeling languages (Automotive OEM).

  • Board-Level Test Execution

    Board-level test execution and evaluation tools for TriCore and PPC processors (Automotive OEM, Tool Vendor).

Recent News

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  • FMI 2.0 RC1

    The Modelica Association Project Function Mock-up Interface has released the first release candidate of version 2.0 of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI).

    Version 2.0 is the first version of the Functional Mock-Up Interface to incorporate both Model Exchange and Co-Simulation versions of the...

  • New SHA-3 release 1.0.2

    A new patch release 1.0.2 of the SHA-3 library has been released, which fixes an important bug in the generation of message digests, where multiple calls to sha3-update with partially filled buffers could lead to input data being lost and therefore incorrect and colliding message digests being generated...

  • New SHA-3 release 1.0.1

    A new patch release 1.0.1 of the SHA-3 library has been released, which switches the implementation choice for 64bit versions of LispWorks to the 32bit implementation instead of the fixnum default implementation. No other changes are contained in this release.

    The release is available from its

  • New MD5 release 2.0.1

    A new patch release 2.0.1 of the MD5 implementation for Common Lisp has been released, which fixes a bug on 64-bit releases of LispWorks, that would lead to wrong digests being generated at all times. The new release is available from its PMSF page, and its GitHub home.

    Note that MD5 has been...

  • SHA-3 Release 1.0.0

    As atonement for the recent MD5 release, and since we seem to perversely enjoy bumming numeric Common Lisp code, we have put together an implementation of the newly announced SHA-3, i.e. the algorithm formerly known as Keccak.

    The package should be portable across nearly1 all ANSI compliant CL implementations...