Technology-driven IT Consulting for Industry

Technical Depth

The depth of our expertise is the cornerstone of our business, from High-Level Architecture down to Low-Level Software and Hardware. We truly are the full-stack experts.

Business Focus

In order to best serve our customer base, we take a pro-active approach to developing cost-effective solutions based on our long-term experience of our customers business environments.

Fresh Ideas

Technical progress and changing environments make new, cost-efficient approaches possible that were unthinkable only a couple of years ago. We always try to think out of the box to better leverage those changes for our customers.

Recent Projects

To the right you can find a small selection of our recent projects.

  • SSP-based Development Workflow Definition

    Development, prototyping and documentation of SSP & FMI-based development workflow for a tier-1 supplier.

  • SSP Traceability Specification

    Development of SSP extension for Traceability in coordination with tier-1 suppliers, OEMs and service providers.

  • Research Project SETLevel

    Architectural concepts, OSI extension and management, sensor model exchange and validation concepts for tier-1 suppliers.

  • ASAM Simulation Area Coordination

    Coordination of the move of the OpenX standards (OpenDRIVE, OpenCRG, OpenSCENARIO and Open Simulation Interface) to the newly established ASAM standardization area Simulation.

  • Autonomous Driving Simulation Platforms

    Performance and architectural concepts for autonomous driving simulation platforms for various automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers.

  • Research Project Pegasus

    Sensor model packaging and validation concepts for cross-company distributed validation of autonomous driving functions for a leading Tier-1 supplier.

  • Functional Mock-Up Interface

    Strategy development for the implementation of FMI at the tool, method and process-level for a leading automotive OEM.

  • Kinematics Simulation Integration

    Workflow definition and integration of kinematics simulation into a Digital Factory system for a leading white goods manufacturer.

  • Code-Generator Validation Suites

    Conception, design and technical leadership for the implementation of validation suites for automotive code-generators for a leading automotive OEM.

  • MISRA-AC-AGC Working Group

    Convenor of MISRA-AC-AGC standard working group, Technical Editor of MISRA-AC-AGC standard (Automotive OEMs).

  • Reference Interpreters

    Conception and implementation of reference interpreters for automotive code-generation models (Automotive OEM).

  • Performance Analysis and Tuning

    Analysis and tuning of performance characteristics of a complex simulation and Digital Factory system for the chassis assembly of a leading automotive OEM.

  • Research Project AutoMoDe

    Participation as OEM representative in a federally-funded research project on automotive modeling languages.

  • Logistics Simulation Framework

    Development of a complete inter- and intra-plant logistics simulation framework with integration into SAP for a leading white goods manufacturer.

  • Model Transformation Framework

    Model transformation and rule checking framework for automotive modeling languages (Automotive OEM).

  • Board-Level Test Execution

    Board-level test execution and evaluation tools for TriCore and PPC processors (Automotive OEM, Tool Vendor).

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