General Project and Consulting Services

In combination with our specific areas of expertise we can offer our clients the full suite of project services, including analysis and design, implementation, support, documentation and training services to realize software projects in a quick and efficient manner.

Additionally we are able to provide additional support services, some of which are detailed below, to allow comprehensive solutions to be delivered from one hand. We work with a trusted network of suppliers to ensure that solutions which cannot be provided in-house are provided as part of the larger package.

System Analysis and Design

Analysis of the problem space, identification of core problems, identification and design of possible solutions, using our iterative processes.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping of identified solutions, using appropriate RAD languages and tools, as well as an array of our custom libraries and ready-made components.

Both proof-of-concept as well as executable specification types of prototypes can be developed with very fast turn-around times, thereby improving the quality of the specifications prior to large investments being made.

For embedded solutions we also provide prototyping of hardware and firmware, and platform selection support.

System Development and Support

Development, maintenance and on-going support of software systems. Implementation languages include Ada, Assembly, C, C++, C#, Common Lisp and Java, as well as the usual assortment of scripting languages. Support of other languages can also be arranged for. Advice on the appropriate selection of implementation languages is available.

Performance Tuning and Refactoring

Identification of problem zones for either performance or maintainability in existing systems, generation of proposals for improvements, and implementation of said proposals.

Through our in-depth knowledge of low-level software and compilers we can provide crucial insights into performance or stability issues.

Training and Documentation

Training of programmers in Common Lisp, and advanced programming techniques, as well as initial user training for software systems developed by us.

In co-operation with our documentation specialists, we are able to deliver high-quality, user-centric documentation for processes, methods and tools in a variety of languages.

Standards Development

Support or participation in standards setting bodies, preparation and editing of standards documents, provision of reference implementations and test suites.

Sample Client Services

  • PMSF IT Consulting provided rapid prototyping services including the hosting of source repositories and issue tracking systems with web-based secure access to internal development teams and external project partners. This allowed rapid development turn-around and fast data exchange while preserving data system security and providing necessary audit trails for external verification of results.

    Automotive OEM

  • PMSF IT Consulting provided mailing lists, key generation and distribution and secure document exchange and issue tracking as well as committee chairing and editing services for the development of automotive safety standards related to automatic code generators and ANSI/ISO C.

    Automotvie OEMs

  • PMSF IT Consulting provided review and evaluation of custom software development services of a leading CIM provider and generated recommendations on future architecture and development of the custom software system components.

    White-Goods Manufacturer

Project Services

Secure Source and Data Repositories

We can host on our servers client-specific data repositories, accessible through HTTP and WebDAV over SSL/TLS, for secure exchange of project data between collaborators. Similarly we can host source-code repositories for all modern version control systems.

Secure Software Update Facility

We can offer a secure software update facility, that allows client initiated software updates at the touch of a button, or at regular intervals. The system is a purely client initiated and controlled, and works correctly across corporate firewalls and proxies.

In-House Certification Authority

All secure communication is based on X.509v3 certificates that are issued by us. For this purpose we operate our own Certification Authority, based on a strict set of guidelines and procedures.

Additional Services

  • Issue Trackers and Project Wikis
  • Review and Audit Services
  • Cloud Storage and Computing Nodes
  • Hosting and Domain Services
  • E-Mail, Mailing Lists
  • Remote Support