Safety-Relevant Systems

Validated and Verified Tools and Processes

Safety-relevant Development Processes

Many areas of embedded software development are currently assuming functionalities that are inherently safety-relevant. We can aid in transitioning software development processes to meet demands placed upon them by relevant safety standards, like ISO/IEC 61508, DO-178B/C or the new ISO 26262 automotive-specific standard.

Validation and Verification of Development Tools

State of the art development methodologies in embedded software rely to a great extent on the proper functioning of an increasing number of development tools, both for software generation and validation. Great economies of scale can be realized by moving the validation and verification of the output of those tools to the validation and verification of the tool itself. This is especially the case for tools like compilers and linkers, whose output is difficult to validate comprehensively for each artefact produced.

Together with our client we can examine current and future development toolchains for issues of validation and verification, and propose cost-efficient validation and verification measures appropriate for the intended safety level. Where suitable we can specify and develop suitable validation suites to validate development tools, or we can provide diversified reference implementations of tools which allow redundant checking of produced artefacts.

Validation and Verification of Development Artefacts

Where it is not feasible or economic to validate development tools, or where the major impact on artefact validity stems from developer input, we can aid in developing proper validation and verification strategies for those development artefacts, in accordance with relevant safety standards and the state of the art.

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