Cross-Domain Simulation

Leverage your Simulation Assets with FMI across Domains

Shorter Time-to-Market through Cross-Domain Simulation

Cross-Domain Simulation

Current requirements on product development increasingly demand cross-domain modeling and validation of designs to ensure short time to market. In order to utilize the best domain-specific modeling tools and existing models this is best achieved through the integration of simulation tools through co-simulation or model exchange techniques.

We offer services for customized integration solutions, including the development of tool interfaces and couplings, modeling language mapping and transformation, and custom co-simulation backbones.

Standards-based Integration with FMI

Increasingly solutions can be implemented through emerging standards for model exchange or co-simulation, like the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI). We provide consulting on processes, methods and tools to use these standards to their highest potential, and to adjust development processes to leverage cross-domain integration across the whole product life-cycle. We also offer specialized tools and frameworks for working with FMI and related standards effectively.

See the Recent Projects side bar for examples of cross-domain simulation projects undertaken. For more information contact us per email under or via our normal Contact channels.