The Missing Link in Your FMI Strategy

Better FMI Integration with a fully-fledged FMI Workbench

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Given the increasing complexity of cross-domain integration solutions based on the emerging FMI standard, there is huge potential for incompatibilities and mismatches between all the FMI-based tools in your toolchain. PMSF FMIBench lets you effectively link your FMI-based simulation tools through FMU conversion, editing, debugging, pre-integration and customization. It also offers support in automating and parallelizing your cross-domain simulations on a vendor-neutral platform.

FMI Bench Feature Overview

FMU Inspector & Debugging

  • Inspect & Edit FMU Properties
  • Inspect & Edit Definitions of Variables, Types and Units
  • Advanced FMU Validity Checks
  • Wrap FMUs with Logging/Profiling

FMU Pre-Integration

  • Automate Integration of multiple FMUs based on Action Rules
  • Export integrated projects as new FMUs
  • Multi-Thread FMUs inside Project FMUs
  • Convert between FMI Versions and Implementations
  • Create stand-alone Simulators for Batch Simulation
  • Preliminary Support for upcoming SSD/SSP Standard

FMU Customization

  • Parameter Editors
  • Parameter Export & Import
  • Filter/Hide Exposed Parameters
  • Customized FMU Wrappers
  • Adaptation of FMUs to other Interface Standards
  • FMU Encryption and Licensing Integration Support

More Information

Further details on PMSF FMI Bench are provided in the PMSF FMI Bench Factsheet. For more information on how PMSF FMI Bench can help in your usage of FMI, please feel free to contact us per email under or via our normal Contact channels.