Embedded Development

Establish Efficient Embedded Development

Efficient Embedded Development using Modern Development Methodologies

The amount of embedded software that is part of modern technological products is steadily increasing, especially with regards to the percentage of value added to the final product. With the increasing size of embedded software projects, and the shorter time-to-market schedules demanded by management and customers, the necessity for modern software development methodologies is readily apparent.

Together with our client, we can analyse the client's application domain(s) and current software development practices, and point out specific improvements in development practices, methods and techniques, including recommendations for programming languages, the use of modelling languages, testing and verification techniques, and other important technological improvements.

Safety-relevant Development Processes

Many areas of embedded software development are currently assuming functionalities that are inherently safety-relevant. We can aid in transitioning software development processes to meet demands placed upon them by relevant safety standards, like ISO/IEC 61508, DO-178B/C or the new ISO 26262 automotive-specific standard.

Automotive Embedded Software Development

We are especially aware of the problems facing current automotive embedded software development, with current trends to increased dependence on networking, graphical modelling and code-generation, integrated software architectures and safety standards. We are familiar with current technology trends in this area, including current bus and infrastructure standards, like FlexRay and AUTOSAR, and their heavy impact on traditional software development processes, and can guide customers in the approaches taken to handle these disruptive technologies.

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