Common Lisp

Efficient Development through Dynamic Languages

ANSI Common Lisp

Common Lisp is a dynamic, multi-paradigm programming language, which is very well suited to the needs of modern businesses, and their demand for lean, adaptable, just-in-time solutions to the ever more rapidly changing market demands.

We have used Common Lisp in many projects, and various settings to great effect, and we would like to further its use in business and research settings.

As part of this effort, you can find a number of Common Lisp resources, as well as general information and pointers on Common Lisp at our Common Lisp Resource Center .

We can also offer the following services for users and potential users of Common Lisp:

  • Training in the (advanced) usage of Common Lisp
  • Advice on the selection of Common Lisp implementations
  • Support and development of enhancements for CMU CL and SBCL , our open source Common Lisp implementations of choice
  • Support and development of enhancements for LispWorks , one of our preferred commercial Common Lisp implementations
  • Performance tuning and refactoring consulting
  • Development or licensing of custom Common Lisp libraries

See the Recent Projects side bar for examples of Common Lisp-related projects undertaken. For more information contact us per email under or via our normal Contact channels.