Simulation Systems

Leverage your Simulation Assets

Decrease Time-To-Market and Reduce Costs with Pervasive Use of Simulation

Contrary to classical simulation solutions, which either require the training of in-house simulation experts, or the out-sourcing of complete simulation projects, we can offer cost-effective, custom-developed simulation software, which encapsulates simulation software and simulation models, yet allows the user to develop, run and analyse arbitrary simulation scenarios and experiments on his own. This makes the use of simulations cost-effective both for smaller companies or projects, and for usage in every-day simulations, as part of normal operations.

This high level of flexibility and integration is achieved through our use of ready-made simulation and utility frameworks, in combination with the use of dynamic programming languages such as Common Lisp, and our Support Services for quick and cost-effective delivery of software and data.

Our approach thus allows a very effective division of labour (and thus a minimisation of costs), allowing our clients to profit from our expertise in simulation and modelling, while leveraging their in-house knowledge of the problem domain and business needs and direction.

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