Programming Languages

Higher Productivity through Custom Languages and Compilers

Custom Programming Languages

One of the most effective steps in reducing your software development costs is the selection of a programming language, that directly supports the key concepts of your application domain, and thus captures key parts of your business logic in one central place (the language itself, or its libraries), instead of distributing that knowledge across applications. This will reduce the amount of code that needs to be written, and therefore also the amount of work needed in debugging, testing, documenting, and maintaining that code.

Together with our client, we can analyse the client's application domain(s) and design a domain and client-specific programming language or programming language extension (similarly to e.g. embedded SQL). We can then create compilers or pre-processors for that language, language reference documentation, and training courses for the language in question.

Graphical Modelling Languages

We offer the same level of support for graphical modelling languages, like Modelica, MATLAB/Simulink, UML, UML RT, SysML or ASCET, as we do for traditional textual programming languages, including the implementation of compilers, interpreters or translators for those languages.

Conventional Programming Languages

We also offer support in implementing compilers, interpreters or translators for conventional (i.e. pre-existing) programming languages, including obsolete languages.

See the Recent Projects side bar for examples of programming language projects undertaken. For more information contact us per email under or via our normal Contact channels.