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FMI 3.0 Implementers' Guide Published

The Modelica Association Project and prostep ivip have jointly published the initial release of the FMI 3.0 Implementer's Guide.

This guide is a free resource intended to give non-normative recommendations and guidance to implementers of the Functional Mock-up Interface.

As a member of both groups involved in the development of this guide, as well as the initial editor of the guide, we invite implementers to use the guide to improve the state of the art of FMI support, and welcome additional input for the future development of the guide, e.g. via its GitHub Repository.

Additional resources that support especially FMI 3.0 implementation can be found here. This includes non-normative sample Test FMUs, which have been updated to the final release.

Further test FMUs are avaliable from the MAP FMI Reference FMUs project repository, which provides test FMUs for FMI 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.