News Archive 2013

Announcements and informational posts

FMI 2.0 RC1

The Modelica Association Project Function Mock-up Interface has released the first release candidate of version 2.0 of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI).

Version 2.0 is the first version of the Functional Mock-Up Interface to incorporate both Model Exchange and Co-Simulation versions of the standard into one integrated standard.

The release candidate can be downloaded from the Downloads page of the FMI standard site.

It should be noted that version 2.0 of the standard is not going to be backward-compatible with FMI version 1.0. Therefore users of FMI 1.0 should plan for necessary multi-version support in their tools and adequate migration strategies for current projects and FMUs. In case you require assistance in this, please feel free to contact us for consulting services in this area.

New SHA-3 release 1.0.2

A new patch release 1.0.2 of the SHA-3 library has been released, which fixes an important bug in the generation of message digests, where multiple calls to sha3-update with partially filled buffers could lead to input data being lost and therefore incorrect and colliding message digests being generated.

All users of SHA-3 should upgrade to the new release to avoid this issue. Uses of the library that only called sha3-update once for each message digest, as well as all uses of the high-level entry points were not affected by this issue, but should still upgrade as a precaution.

Thanks to Orivej Desh for reporting this issue.

The release is available from its PMSF page, and its GitHub home.

New SHA-3 release 1.0.1

A new patch release 1.0.1 of the SHA-3 library has been released, which switches the implementation choice for 64bit versions of LispWorks to the 32bit implementation instead of the fixnum default implementation. No other changes are contained in this release.

The release is available from its PMSF page, and its GitHub home.

New MD5 release 2.0.1

A new patch release 2.0.1 of the MD5 implementation for Common Lisp has been released, which fixes a bug on 64-bit releases of LispWorks, that would lead to wrong digests being generated at all times. The new release is available from its PMSF page, and its GitHub home.

Note that MD5 has been cryptographically broken, and should therefore not be used in situations where a cryptographically secure hash function is needed (you might want to consider using our implementation of SHA-3 in those situations instead). However due to its wide historical use and its remaining suitability in non-cryptographically secure settings, this implementation is still of some interest.