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Pegasus Symposium 2019

The federally supported German research project PEGASUS has presented its core results during the PEGASUS Symposium 2019 held at the VW proving grounds at Ehra, Germany.

As a sub-contractor for some of the PEGASUS participating companies, with a special focus on definition and standardization of simulation interfaces, like OSI or OSMP, we are very happy to see the ideas of PEGASUS come to fruition in such a convincing manner.

ARD Tagesthemen news report

ASAM OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG Proposal Workshops

As part of the process of ASAM e.V. taking over the further standardization activities of OpenDRIVE, OpenCRG and OpenSCENARIO, the initial project proposal workshops for OpenDRIVE/OpenCRG and OpenSCENARIO were held at ASAM headquarters in Höhenkirchen, Germany from 2019-01-15 to 2019-01-18.

As participants in the transfer of these standards to ASAM e.V., PMSF IT Consulting is very happy with the global industry-wide interest in these workshops and the standardization projects that are being set up.

We feel that the increased standardization of innovative approaches in these areas is likely to yield industry-wide benefits in the development of autonomous vehicles and their validation.