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Pegasus Symposium 2019

The federally supported German research project PEGASUS has presented its core results during the PEGASUS Symposium 2019 held at the VW proving grounds at Ehra, Germany.

As a sub-contractor for some of the PEGASUS participating companies, with a special focus on definition and standardization of simulation interfaces, like OSI or OSMP, we are very happy to see the ideas of PEGASUS come to fruition in such a convincing manner.

ARD Tagesthemen news report

PMSF joins FMI Advisory Committee

PMSF IT Consulting is proud to announce its elevation to the Advisory Committee of the Modelica Association Project Functional Mock-up Interface.

In addition to our participation as a founding member of the Modelica Association Project System Structure and Parameterization we see this engagement as a core part of our strategy for standards-based integration of simulation platforms across the spectrum of customer domains, especially in light of new challenges like autonomous driving, hybrid vehicles and safety relevant aspects of systems development.

FMI 2.0

The Modelica Association Project Function Mock-up Interface has released version 2.0 of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI).

Version 2.0 is the first version of the Functional Mock-Up Interface to incorporate both Model Exchange and Co-Simulation versions of the standard into one integrated standard.

The release version can be downloaded from the Downloads page of the FMI standard site.

It should be noted that version 2.0 of the standard is not backward-compatible with FMI version 1.0. Therefore users of FMI 1.0 should plan for necessary multi-version support in their tools and adequate migration strategies for current projects and FMUs. In case you require assistance in this, please feel free to contact us for consulting services in this area.