Communication Protocol for Remote FMU Execution

Remote FMI Protocol Specification

The RFMI protocol is an open communication protocol to allow the remote execution of FMUs via network or other communication mechanisms like RDMA, MPI, etc. Currently the specification is limited to the execution of Co-Simulation FMUs, since this type is most suited for remote execution, due to the ability of single round-trip simulation stepping. However future extension towards model-exchange and other types of FMUs is not precluded.

A major focus in the development of RFMI has been the optimization of the protocol to reduce latencies to a minimum, so that real-time simulation using RFMI is a distinct possibility, especially when coupled with communication mechanisms that provide latency guarantees.

The protocol has been developed in cooperation with multiple automotive industry partners and is freely available from this site. Implementation by third parties is encouraged.

Implementations of the RFMI server and client sides are available through our FMI Bench and RFMI Server product lines.

The specification is licensed under an MIT/X-style license (see the copyright notice in the specification document).

The current release of the specification can be downloaded from here:

In the future releases and development will move to GitHub.